Why Its Highly Unlikely a Caring God Exists

For the hell of it, let me create my list for why it’s highly unlikely there exists a God that cares about our lives, let alone exists at all as described by any of the books written for the monotheistic religions.

  1. The Holocaust
  2. World War 1
  3. World War 2
  4. World War 3 (wait for it)
  5. The Bubonic Plague
  6. Innocent victims of crime
  7. Fossils
  8. Current state of science
  9. Why not E=MC squared or a subset of advanced thinking in any of the religious books instead of the endless simplistic drivel (Yes…..have you read the Koran?)
  10. Mormons. I mean, come on. Joseph Smith, gold tablets,upper state NY, really!!!
  11. Multiple monotheistic religions. Pick one but pick the right one because they can’t all be “the one true religion”
  12. Baptism
  13. Darwin and Natural Selection
  14. Evolution
  15. Greek and Roman mythology existed long before the time of Abraham and Moses. Long before a single God was brought into existence to “rule them all”.
  16. Exploitation of children
  17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Francis_Law?wprov=sfla1


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