Pakistan shows the worst of humanity

We, as humans, must show we are better than this. Elevate ourselves above the madness of religion.

Let me summarize the case referenced by the link above.

A Pakistani Christian woman picking fruit is asked to get water for them all. In the process she drinks water from a cup meant only for Muslims. Because of this an argument erupts between her and the Muslim woman there. She’s reported for blasphemy and charged. A trial convicts her of the charges she denies and sentences her to death. Her testimony as a Christian is only worth half that of a Muslim so she was doomed from the start. The local governor, a government representative, motions to appeal the case but is assassinated by his body guard who said it was his responsibilty to kill him for supporting the woman sentenced to die. The assassin is charged, convicted and was capital punished yesterday. The woman who drank from the wrong cup still sits on death row.

Also assissinated was a government minister suggesting the blasphemy laws should be reviewed.

A country insane. One doesn’t need to watch The Walking Dead on TV when one can see the real thing in the hordes of mindless, blood-thirsty people of Pakistan.

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