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A Very Long Time Coming

Priest kills girl many years ago. Catholic Church moves priest to a home for troubled priests. That has played out way too many times where criminal acts are concealed by this phony institution. Anyway, this creep will finally have his … Continue reading

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Tracking meteorites

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Elon Musk

Cool. Elon Musk began his post-secondary education at Queen’s University.  

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Suicide Bomber Dies

Reports claim that the only person to die in a recent inflight bombing was that of the bomber when he was sucked out of the Somalian plane upon detonating the explosion. So I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. … Continue reading

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Smart mirror

One of these would be fun to build.

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Position of Authority

Just read about a PhD student in India who committed suicide as a result of being an “Untouchable” in India. So I thought, this caste system, who is at the top? Why am I not surprised that it’s the priests.

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